We are into creative wedding photography, wedding videography, couple shoots, bridal shoots, pre and post wedding shoots, and many more. You will certainly get the best in-class experience when we are with you. Our specialty lies in candid shots, fine-art wedding clicks in a storytelling format that’s more of a documentary style. We are always ready to narrate a wedding story in a sophisticated manner, yet retaining that simplicity so that looking back on these will always fill your heart with joy.
There’s romance and love characterizing weddings, and each story is significantly different from the other. Every frozen moment will speak for the wonderful memory and we are sure that couples will love to go back in time when seeing them. After all, we put a lot of effort on these situations. And that’s how every wedding becomes exclusive.
Aside the little moments of joy and the bride and groom’s happiness and laughter, there are a million ways of finding the light and from behind the lens. With the passage of time, every couple will feel like reliving those yesteryear moments via the photos clicked by us.
Your memories require that personal feel and we take the onus of serving you right. Our undying love and passion helps us in delivering our best. Nothing excites us more than being a part of your D-day!
You matter to us as much as your moments. So we will tell stories that you can immerse yourself in and feel good that you had actually taken a decision to choose us. From safety to beauty, you will always find us providing you all that, unfailingly.


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A real master with the cam, Suvo has more than 6 years of experience as a professional photographer. He has a very friendly yet casual approach while performing the work seriously with his clients. The way he manages the shots and circumstances so efficiently speaks volumes about his ability to integrate everything and create magic. No wonder, he becomes a vital part of the family and produces photography with a perspective that of an insider. Thanks to his experience and expertise, Suvo is now a name to reckon with in the industry and has secured a strong footing among the top wedding photographers in Kolkata.

So many years have passed, he is in a space that he wanted to be in for long and had started out his career with. And that is- behind the lens, pursuing his actual love.


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When it comes to the top wedding photography studios in Kolkata and eastern India, we are simply unmatched. “Suvo Photo Story Maker” is a brand that delivers results and has secured a name for itself as a brand in a very limited time period. Since 2011, we have covered plenty of weddings throughout India and that indeed makes us take pride in ourselves for securing reputation and goodwill, and gaining awards and acceptance among many.

We understand what happy moments mean to you. Be rest assured that only lifetime memories will be captured and delivered to you, via high quality pictures. It’s not the subjects, it’s the feeling that we capture through our lens. All your memories and moments that hold so much of relevance carries a dash of personal touch in our photos. Traditional pictures laid stress much on poses, but we believe in the power of candid or photojournalistic pictures in a narrative form. Preferences vary and we take utmost care in providing you what you require. While some couples take an avid liking towards candid frames, others choose a mix of traditional and candid photography for wedding albums. At our end, you will get what it means to have the best experience in wedding photography. Comprising young, talented and fun-loving personas, our team is extremely passionate about the work and accomplishes the same while enjoying every moment.

We give you the best-in-class experience as regards wedding photography, wedding cinematography, pre and post wedding and portrait photography and save the date photography are concerned. Our passion lies in weaving a story of your grand day and we blend it with sophistication and refinement that would be etched in your memory throughout life. Our specialization is in candid wedding photography fused in storytelling in a documentary form. We strong believe that each one of us is a storyteller and hence, make the most comprehensive one for you and your special one. This story will certainly be a legacy in your family for upcoming generations. We feel blessed to love what we do. It’s a matter of great privilege for us to become a valuable part of your family and witness the notable moments in your life, as much as participating in laughter and sadness. Since you are the star of your wedding, we check to see that you have a wonderful trip down the memory lane while flipping through the wedding album.

Our photography is replete with stories that hold great meaning for you and something that you will take immense pride in, just to flaunt and create an example before future generations. You wouldn’t have even thought that such a wonderful photography experience would be served to you had we not made a foray.  As much as candid shots, posed photos are also focused on. Our design blends both in a very effective way. So what you find is simple yet resplendent, creative yet elegant, spontaneous yet posed, and above all, carries a timeless appeal. Weddings are meant for a lifetime. So, we understand how you would love to share your story with your children and grandchildren. There’s an old saying that goes ‘A picture is worth thousand words’. Our team of professionals knows how true the statement holds and so they express themselves via their work, their pictures to be specific. We work in such a manner that somebody will find the beauty in your photo exactly the way we perceived at the time of clicking. Weddings they say are made in heaven, but the celebration is on earth and that must be made a heavenly one. We take care and unfold your wedding photography putting in elements of innovation and uniqueness.

As storytellers, we are creative and our sole focus is you in the center. After all it’s your day and you are the most important figure. So, everything surrounds you and happens for you. If your day means we need to travel with you, we don’t mind doing so, just to find the spaces and moments that stands different from the others. From great fat Indian weddings to small, cozy private affairs held at backyards, everything holds equal value for us and we deliver the same effort when going on a click-click mode. If you feel super excited about your wedding day and look forward to special moments; if you think that your story will be an exclusive one that will set goals for many, including the upcoming generations, we heart to tell you have reached the exact place. We have often seen how couples walk the extra mile in finding a shutterbug specializing in candid poses, while someone else is hired for clicking formal photos and together, it would give an entire and eclectic collection. Wedding photos indicate activities galore, and candid wedding shots at the most unthinkable moments are what we capture.

In short, we are a 360 degree solution for all your photography and videography needs on the big day, or for that matter, any other special occasion. At the time of availing our services, it makes total sense to be clear about what you wish to have from us. Our team members will be more than happy to provide you the exact things, so talk to them about what you would like in the spotlight, candid shots, real representations of the ceremony, light editing and enhancing, retouching in few and we will fuse the rest for you. One thing you can be sure of… having us one board means your wedding will be a smooth affair. You can relax as Team Suvo Photo Story Maker will find the necessary aspects, explore further and help you derive the most, with yourself and your kith and kin. The joyous moments don’t come every day and this is the bliss that you will celebrate as we freeze them for you into frames that last forever.  Even if all this sounds complex, we will make it a super easy and fun for you. We take our business quite seriously and you can expect the same level of professionalism from us.

Although we are based in Kolkata and cover most events here and there, we are also available for destination weddings. Whether in India or any part of the globe, we will reach your chosen place just to be with you and let happiness take the center stage in the way we capture your unique story of love, union and joy. Till date, we have had splendid experiences in dealing with projects on Bengali, Muslim, Marwari, Telugu, Oria, Punjabi weddings, to name few cultures. At SPSM Photography, we delve on preserving emotions and expressions as these keep unfolding with time and situations. We are pioneers in candid wedding photography and cinematic wedding video services, both in the city and every other corner in the world. Weddings are personal favorites of ours because we have observed every part of the process and feel delighted to be involved. Also, we are privileged to extend our services and thereby share and enhance the joy via our work.